Here at Open Space Healing, we take great pride in our chiropractic services. We offer the finest chiropractic treatment to all patients, from adjustments to nutritional support.

We understand how pains in the back, neck and other parts of the body can affect your daily life. We’re here to give you quality services that do more than just provide pain relief. Our chiropractors are dedicated to helping you achieve ongoing wellness so that you can do more every day.

The following are the services we offer. Click on them to learn more. Don’t know which service is for you? Give us a call to book a consultation where we can tailor a treatment that’s specifically designed for you.

Service Chiropractic Care


Your brain (which is part of your central nervous system), controls every muscle, organ and cell in your body. In fact, it is responsible for almost everything! That’s why as chiropractors we are obsessed with your spine. Your spine houses your central nervous system and the function of your spine directly affects your brain!

Service Nutritional Support


We can identify areas of challenge, then create a plan to help support your body to heal. We stock a large range of prescription-only supplements and our favourite health care products. All are of the highest quality and organic, natural and non-toxic. Homeopathy is available, as are hormone testing and food intolerance testing.

Service Lower Back Pain


When your lower back feels sore, tender, or achy, you are most likely suffering from lumbago or lower back pain. There are usually different symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. The pain can start slowly, building up over time and may even get better in a few hours. For others, low back pain begins suddenly and can be debilitating.

Service Neck Pain


Many people don’t know that their neck pain is due to poor posture. Bad ergonomics at offices and homes put undue stress on the neck, which eventually leads to pain. Your neck’s muscles or joints could also be strained after a car crash or sports injury, or due to an ongoing health condition.

Hip pain


When clients come to us with what they describe as hip pain, they may point to their sacroiliac joint, their groin, their gluteus muscle, low back or acetabulum (hip) joint. It’s a large area that can face a number of different health issues. We’re here to provide effective treatment in a comfortable, holistic manner.

Shoulder Pain


There are many causes of shoulder pain. Some common injuries we see are from lifting heavy weights at the gym with incorrect technique, swimming and even cleaning! If there is any dysfunction in your shoulder movement pattern (from injury or weakness), we can tailor a treatment plan to assist you.



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    Our greatest hope at Open Space Healing is that we can help you live out this purpose. You’re on Earth to accomplish something that nobody but you can! By improving the health of your nervous system, you’ll be better equipped to live the life you deserve.

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