Flat to FULL ON TURBO MODE in 3 Minutes – TRY THIS!


We all know that EVERYONE is busy. In our hectic modern day world there is always something to do…school, work, uni, kids, house chores, social events, the list goes on.

And working with our clients closely, we know that the vast majority of people would LOVE more energy. Usually this comes in the form of caffeine or sugar. The problem is that these ‘foods’ give you an artificial ‘boost’, leaving you feeling even more tired when you have come down from the ‘high’!

At Open Space we know that breath is life and that where your breath goes, your mind goes. It is the SINGLE BEST tool we have to help control our state of being. Insert – our favourite 3 minute breathing technique here – in the yogic world it’s name is ‘Ego Eradicator’.

Ego Eradicator will help to open up your lungs, get your blood pumping, massage your organs and bring an awesome state of alertness to your mind, therefore giving you a real energy boost to help you perform at your best throughout your day.

We personally use this breathing meditation at our staff meetings at Open Space Healing – or really anytime we feel like we need a boost. It is our go to exercise!


1. Posture: This exercise can be done sitting crossed legged or in a chair. Raise the arms up to a 60 degree angle. Keep the elbows straight and the shoulders down. Apply Neck Lock (lightly tuck your chin to elongate the back of your neck). Curl the fingertips on to the pads of the palms at the base of the fingers. Thumbs are stretched back, pointing towards each other. Keep your hands and arms tight and tense through the 3 minutes.

2. Eyes: Eyes are closed.

3. Mental Focus: Focus above the head.

4. Breath: Breath of Fire (see below)

5. Time: Continue for 1 – 3 minutes.

6. To end: Inhale deeply and bring the arms overhead with the thumb tips touching. Open the fingers, exhale and relax the arms down.

**How to do Breath of fire: When practicing Ego Eradicator we use Breath of Fire (unless you’re pregnant or on your period, in which case you just take deep, slow breaths). The way Breath of Fire works is it’s a rapid breath in and out your nose, kind of like a deep sniffing. As you inhale and exhale your stomach will be going in and out, in and out. If at any point you start feeling dizzy, stop Breath of Fire and breathe slowly and deeply.

WARNING:  If you are pregnant or on your period, again I want to emphasize that you should not do Breath of Fire. Breathe slowly and deeply instead.

When you’re done with this meditation I suggest you sit for another few minutes with your eyes closed. This not only lets you transition from meditating back into daily life, but there’s another cool benefit. Following Ego Eradicator you’re in that space where you’re centered, calm and full of energy!


Yours in great health,

Dr Andy & Dr Jacinta x

Andy and Jacinta