Holistic Health

Modern-day medicine is wonderful, with so many life-saving advancements. However, in our opinion, it has many downfalls, including having a reactive and symptomatic approach to treatments and patients’ health. The body is commonly viewed in sections instead of looking at the system as a whole. And this is why holistic health is essential. Through holistic health, the body is seen and supported as the incredible system that it is, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

For example, a common mainstream approach to pain or headaches would be an over-the-counter medication such as a painkiller. In holistic healing, we investigate to find the root cause of the problem, which may be anything from dehydration to inflammation from food intolerances. In our opinion, relief from symptoms such as Headaches can be achieved more effectively and long term by taking a holistic approach. This way, any adverse effects from medication can be mitigated and you have more clarity about your health, empowering you to live your best life. Holistic healing involves a variety of different complementary medicines and alternative practices in healthcare.

The same principle is applied to common cold and flu medication. We often take over-the-counter medication for cold relief. In holistic healing, you can turn to essential oils or follow the DIY vapour rub instructions in this post.

Holistic health has become more critical than ever, especially in today’s environment. It takes into account environmental and external factors that could either impact or support our health and wellness. Learn more about holistic health and healing through our blog.

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Wim Hof
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A plant-based diet can change your life.
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Are you suffering from constant neck pain?
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5 Tips for Starting a Plant-Based Diet
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