The Top 6 Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic Care

One reason why people enjoy regular chiropractic visits is because of proper body function.

If you think you should only visit a chiropractor when you’re suffering from severe back pain, you’re not alone. Most people believe that setting an appointment with a chiropractor is only for pain relief. But there is so much more to chiropractic care than you may initially think.

So, even if you do not have pain, your chiropractor is your best friend for the following reasons:


1. Chiropractors Help Reduce Stress

Who would have thought that chiropractic adjustments help deal with stress? Everyone goes through a stressful situation, but many do not recognise its impact on the physical body. Stress may be an inevitable fact of life, but it does not mean that you should just let it take over.

Whether you’re stressed due to work, family, relationship, or social repercussions, chiropractic adjustments are a way for you to handle and control their effects. It’s similar to how meditation helps with stress, along with massages, yoga, and other mind-body therapies. After your adjustment, you are sure to feel calm and more relaxed.


2. You May Be Able to Sleep Better

About one in 10 people have mild insomnia, according to It’s said that you will experience sleep issues a few times throughout your lifetime. There are several contributors to insomnia, and one of them is muscle tension. If your muscles are stiff and tense, it can lead to restlessness, which surely does not help with sleep problems.

Chiropractors can help relax your body and ease that muscle tension you may have felt for a while now. If you feel any pain or discomfort, chiropractic adjustments can help. Additionally, the session can stimulate blood flow and circulation while also improving the function of your central nervous system. These are all helpful in your goal towards better and more peaceful sleep.

And the benefits do not end here. Following your evaluation, your chiropractor can give you advice and recommendations about a more suitable sleeping position. You will also learn postural exercises, as well as products that can help you sleep better, such as an ergonomic pillow and a supportive mattress.

Chiropractic care relaxes the body and eases muscle tension that causes restlessness.


3. You Could Have Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is an ongoing challenge in the Australian healthcare sector. Recorded data from 2017-18 showed that one in three people aged 18 and up have hypertension or high blood pressure. There are ways to control hypertension, including taking prescriptions. However, instead of overloading your body with medications that have side effects, why not choose a safer alternative?

Chiropractic adjustments can help lower your blood pressure. The best part is that you do not have to suffer from any harmful side effects. A 2007 study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension tested the potential benefit of Atlas vertebra realignment on blood pressure. The chiropractic adjustment worked wonders for the patients. It was equivalent to the benefits you can get from taking two medications at the same time, according to the study.

The adjustments were administered for eight weeks in total. During that time, those who were a part of the study did not take any medication, but their blood pressure levels dropped significantly.


4. Chiropractic Care Can Boost Your Immunity

People are constantly searching for a way to bolster their immune system, especially in today’s world. Many have thought about taking different combinations of vitamins and minerals. However, only a few considered taking advantage of chiropractic care.

Some studies have proven the benefits of chiropractic adjustments, but one of the most important studies on the subject was initiated by Dr Ronald Pero. He is a renowned professor at New York University who heads cancer prevention research at Preventive Medicine Institute. In his study regarding chiropractic care, he discovered that it does have a remarkable effect on general health, including the immune system.

His research involved 107 individuals who had received chiropractic adjustments for at least five years. He discovered that those people had 200% more efficient immune system competence than people who did not experience any adjustment. Additionally, the patients were also found to be 400% more resilient against serious diseases, including cancer.


5. You Can Become a Better Athlete

Chiropractic care has so many benefits for people who want to improve their athletic performance. But you do not need to be an athlete to want to have a better range of motion. Unless you have a sedentary lifestyle, you will appreciate the fact that you can move better, thanks to chiropractic treatments.

In the world of sports, constant movement is required to score a winning point or goal. It’s one reason why professional athletes, including Michael Phelps, visit a chiropractor regularly despite their busy schedules. Many athletes (and ordinary people) have noticed that their flexibility has increased. If you often complain about muscle soreness and stiffness, you should undoubtedly see a chiropractor.

Chiropractic care improves athletic performance.


6. You Will Heal Faster

Again, you do not have to be an athlete to wish for a shorter recovery time after an injury. You can get injured in different ways, such as running or even walking. You may hurt your ankles, hips, and arms. Even if your job involves sitting at your desk for several hours, you could feel tightness in your body, especially in your lower back.

No matter what type of injury you have, whether it is from being active or lack of movement, you will find chiropractic treatment beneficial. You should not delay your visit, however. Some people try to ignore the discomfort that they are feeling, thinking it will go away. It may cease for a while, but the pain will come back with a vengeance unless you address the issue. Unfortunately, waiting too long can result in additional injuries, especially if you were injured after playing a sport.

You can turn to a chiropractor to help you quickly recover from injuries, including sports-related ones. Ice packs, massage therapy, and heat therapy in combination with chiropractic adjustments can speed up your injury recovery.

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive form of treatment. It is drug-free yet effective in helping improve mobility. Adjustments can assist you in moving better and feeling better, so you live as pain-free as possible.

Once you start the treatment, it does not end the moment you leave. The chiropractors at Open Space Healing will not require you to have a lifelong commitment to chiropractic care. Instead, we want to determine your requirements by first learning about your health history. Then, we establish a plan with the most suitable chiropractic treatment for you and your needs.