How To Relieve Tired Achy Legs

How To Relieve Tired Achy Legs

We’ve all experienced those tired and achy legs after a day of sitting or standing all day. So how can you relieve those tired achy legs?

Why do you get tired achy legs?

The problem is that our modern day world consists of many different factors that slow down our venous return (aka the flow of blood back to the heart) such as:

  1. Jobs that require standing or sitting for long periods of time
  2. Not sitting properly in your chair
  3. Carrying loads heavier than 10kg
  4. Exposure to high working temperatures
  5. Crouching or kneeling down
  6. Excess weight and increased adipose tissue in the legs

Combine this with gravity and poor circulation and you have a recipe for disaster!

What can you do to help tired achy legs?

Some tips for how you can help those tired achy legs include:

  1. Correct any restrictions in the knees and feet
  2. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight
  3. Change shoes regularly (bare foot is best)
  4. Reduce your weight (especially if your BMI > 25)
  5. Drink enough water (1L for every 22kg)
  6. Eat a diet rich in fibre
  7. Change position regularly and walk around
  8. Flex and extend your ankle joints (tiptoes for 5 mins every 1 hour)
  9. Avoid crossing your legs
  10. Breathe deeply using your diaphragm
  11. Exercise regularly (at least 3 times per week)

Your body relies on great joint mobility in your ankles and in your knees, as well as strong muscular contraction in your calves, feet and diaphragm…especially when lying down. This helps to circulate the blood back to our heart.

Exercise To Relieve Tired Achy Legs

We have one exercise that really helps with your achy legs AND the rest and relaxation part of your nervous system to calm you whole body down for that perfect night’s sleep.

  1. Lay on your back with your bum right up to the wall
  2. Stretch out your legs so that they run up the wall and are comfortable
  3. Lay there for as long as you like (we find the best results happen after 10 minutes or more)
  4. Use a bolster under your hips if you’re pregnant

If your symptoms don’t improve, or you notice any redness or burning in your legs – contact your primary health provider.

So please give this exercise a go and remember to share it with your friends who you think it would help too.

Now remember…by healing yourself, you inspire your tribe and transform your world.

Yours in great health,

Dr Andy + Dr Jacinta x

Andy and Jacinta