Our Top 5 Morning Rituals – Why You Need Them in Your Life Now!

Morning Rituals
Top 5 Moring rituals

I’m sure that most of us have heard that how you start your day sets you up for the rest of the day.

We couldn’t agree more! Trust us…we have tried and tested these rituals for many years and the days/weeks/months we don’t do them, not only we suffer, however EVERYONE else around us does too!

There is something magic about the morning, a new day, another chance, we deeply believe that sunrise should be greeted with ceremony.

OK, so we can’t go any further with this blog until we divulge a confession. Yes, we know how important morning rituals are, yes we do our best to implement them everyday…no…we don’t do them ALL the time (we are human)! That being said, we always make a conscious effort to start our day right.

So here it goes, our top our top 5 morning rituals for an amazing day and amazing health:


Aurvedic science has known about this technique for thousands of years. Bacteria builds up over the night and scrapping your tongue to rid your body of them feels amazing! Do this a few times until you get rid of all of the build up. Trust us…this technique is very satisfying and rewarding.


Drink at least 500-1000mls of water upon waking. This is the longest time you go without eating of drinking and you are dehydrated the moment you wake! Add some freshly squeezed lemon and pinch of good quality salt to it, to give your body an extra boost.


The ancient science of hydrotherapy is gaining an ever amounting body of research supporting its use. Put your shower on full cold, start with placing your limbs into the water and splash it onto your torso until you feel ready to place your entire body under. Stay in the cold shower for at least 5 minutes so that your body starts to ‘warm up’. Your peripheral blood vessels are constricting and flushing the blood to your organs. Some of the proven benefits of cold water therapy are:

  • Improved metabolism, elevated metabolic rate, and weight loss
  • Increased tolerance to stress
  • Improved immunity
  • Pain relief
  • Improved recovery time
  • Improved longevity
  • Improved circulation, which may lead to reductions in inflammation, swelling and enhanced recovery
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory benefits
  • Potential benefits for individuals suffering from depression

*Please note that if you are pregnant do not have cold showers.


Whether you have figured this out yet or not…we are animals! As humans, movement is critical for the functioning of our ENTIRE BEING, including however not limited to maintaining the strength of your muscles, bones, joints, circulation and nervous system.

We love natural, function movements in nature – at the beach, in the ocean, on a patch of grass, or anything in the sun are our favs. We love yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong, running, swimming, dancing – just move your body!

Extra bonus, if you get a sweat up then you are detoxifying your body even further.


OK, let’s clarify this one. When we say ‘space’ we mean some time dedicated in your morning to aligning your mind and body. Whether that be meditating, conscious breathing, walking in nature, setting intentions for the day, a cacao ceremony, mantras or reading some inspirational text! This is unique to you, and we know that you already have something in mind…

When you rush through your morning and out the door, that’s how you will be operating throughout your day. Wake up a bit earlier so you can give yourself the space and time you need to be fully present.

Bonus Tip:

Now, we can’t go without saying that your morning begins the night before. If you make sure that you get to bed early so that you can enjoy a good 8 hours of sleep, then your morning will be much more productive.

We hope this has helped inspire your morning routine.

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