Proper Pooping Posture (A Game Changer)

Proper Pooping Posture

If you are reading this on the John .. you might want to read on. Pooping should be easy right? I mean, everyone does it … BUT did you know that you can actually do it very wrong! If you grew up in a western culture chances you have missed out on this crucial information and have indeed been pooping poorly.

We are bringing it back to basics today with this weeks blog on proper pooping posture.

“When sitting on the toilet, with knees at a right angle, your puborectalis muscle (the muscle responsible for continence or ensuring you don’t poop your pants in a public) relaxes only partially. But in a squatting posture, it releases completely.”

Our anatomy is designed so that if we stand upright, we don’t leak … so at the end of your digestive tract your colon … the tube that eliminates your waste, bends.

It is very similar to a kink in a hose … when you are standing upright the hose kinks … when we squat the hose (or bend in our colon) straightens and allows for uninterrupted flow.

Proper Pooping Posture

The problem is, when you sit on a toilet your knees will not elevate enough and therefore your colon will still be partially closed.

This can lead to constipation + incomplete elimination.

The trick is to elevate your knees high enough that they are above your hips … which mimics the squatting posture.

Now, how do you do this? I am not saying you should stand and squat over your toilet bowl BUT what you CAN do is invest in a poop stool such ass the”squatty potty”from . By placing a slightly elevated stool at the base of your toilet and resting your feet on the stool,your knees will be high enough above your hips to allow for a good quality release.

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Happy pooping,

Dr Andrina & Dr Jacinta

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