Quick and Easy Tips to Painlessly Increase Your Water Intake

Water habits

You know that you should drink more water. So why is it so difficult for you to get enough into your body?!

Over 90% of our clients report that they ‘don’t drink enough’. So let’s take a look at how much you actually should be drinking. I am sure you have heard of the – 8 glasses or 2 litres per day, however this is really the base minimum, especially if you are in an air-conditioned environment, are heavier than 44kg, drink coffee and/or do exercise. Which is pretty much everyone!

To find out how much water you should be drinking, simply calculate 1L of water for 22kg of your body weight. Then add another 700ml for every 30min of exercise and 500ml for every shot of coffee. This is your base minimum water intake needed per day. This amount is required for the cells in your body to function at their optimum. Any less and you will start to notice symptoms of toxicity.

Do you suffer from muscle aches, brain fog, dry skin, constipation or lethargy? These are just a few of the hundreds of symptoms that you may experience if you are dehydrated.

We now know that the brain ‘flushes’ itself every night of harmful by products, this is one of the reasons why having a quality, deep, restful sleep is so important. If you are not drinking at least 2 litres of water per day, then your body has to ‘milk’ water from your colon to complete this process. Talk about ‘shit for brains’!

So what are some of the things that could happen if you actually drank enough water? Your muscles (and the rest of your body) could function optimally, which would equal less headaches, muscle aches and cramping, increased energy and even weight loss! Woah!

We are so sick of seeing trolley after trolley filled with Coke, energy drinks, milk, juice and cordial! All of these items are not supposed to be ingested and actually do the opposite of drinking good quality water! No wonder why we are so sick and obese! 

OK, so now you know why it’s so important to drink water. How do you get it into you!? In between doing school drop off, making dinner, working and the washing?!

We feel you…that’s why we have created these easy hot tips we use everyday to help us keep on our optimum water intake track.

Start your morning with at least 500ml of water.

…we actually prefer 1 litre.  This is the perfect way to start your day. Your body has gone through the longest period of time without water and you need to re-hydrate. By starting your day like this it gives your brain a super boost and you don’t need to worry so much about drinking throughout the morning, as you have already ticked off a good chunk of your intake.

Take a water bottle with you everywhere.

Leave one in the car, at your desk at work, in the kitchen etc. Quite often you don’t realise you are thirsty until it’s too late (you are already dehydrated…anyone say lip balm?!) and there is no water in sight! If you have a bottle with you constantly, then not only do you have a visual reminder to drink, you have it on hand when you need it. Important note…make sure that your water bottle is (unlined) stainless or glass, especially if you leave it in the car. If plastic is heated and/or reused, then it will leach toxic chemicals into the water, yuk!

Make your water sexy.

Add some fresh lemon, cucumber, orange, berries etc to make your water exciting! You will be more likely to drink it and it will have some additional positive health benefits too. For example, lemon water is fantastic for detoxing the liver.

Herbal tea is your friend.

Are you getting a bit bored of boring water?? Why not try (caffeine free) herbal tea instead? Our favourites are peppermint and licorice. Not only are they delicious with a myriad of health benefits…they also count towards your water intake, score! Make sure that you buy organic and loose leaf is best. Otherwise you may be getting a nice dose of petroleum with your tea bag, gross!

The quality of your water makes a HUGE difference!

It is so much easier to drink room temperature, alkaline water when compared with cold ‘tap crap’! Make sure that your water filter gets rid of chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals. It will taste so good you will love drinking it.

Bonus tip:

Don’t beat yourself up so much. So you didn’t drink your quota of water today. No biggy. Be kind to yourself. Our favourite mantras are, ‘It’s easy to drink water’, ‘I love drinking water’ and ‘I feel great when I drink water’. Try them on to see how they feel for you.

So if this info has resonated with you and you feel like you may need some help with making healthier decisions for your body you are in luck! We are so committed to helping our community take control of their health, that’s why we created our weekly blog. It’s full of cutting edge info you can actually understand, that will make an instant positive impact to your life!

Let us know how you go. Happy drinking!