How to Get Back on Track With Your Goals | Even in a Pandemic

How to Get Back on Track With Your Goals | Even in a Pandemic

The silly season is behind you and “New year, new me” is starting to look more like “New year, same me, new disappointment”. Add in the self-isolation and stress caused by a PANDEMIC and it’s not looking good! But, before you leave your gym shoes for dust and give in to your old, bad habits… read on…

What if you could actually hack the system?

While everyone else is falling off the wagon, you CAN get back on that horse and ride that damn thing all the way to next year!

It may sound too good to be true, BUT it is possible.

Here’s how:

1. Start small

One of the most common reasons people fail at their well-intentioned goals is because they make them WAY too ambitious! This leads to early failure and feeling pretty sucky about yourself. How about Instead of declaring you are going to COMPLETELY quit sugar this year, why now start with swapping artificial sugars to natural sugars on weekdays?

If your goal is to lose 10kg, change your mindset to aim for 2 exercise sessions a week. Soon enough you will build momentum and smash your goals!

2. Stay in your lane

We have a question for you …. Do you get shiny object syndrome?

Yeah, us too.

Unhealthy habits develop over time, and so do replacing those behaviors with healthy ones. Be careful not to get carried away by what others are doing and jump on to fad diets, exercise routines, and health hacks. Stay focused on the task at hand, and slowly chip away at it.  

3. Rally the troops

Share your experiences with family and friends. Talk about your struggles with those you love and trust. Ask someone to help keep you accountable or come along with you for the ride. A problem shared is a problem halved… you don’t need to go it alone!

Pro tip: Only share your goals with people you know (without a shadow of a doubt) will support you!

4. Part with money

Us humans are funny creatures. We tend to value the things we invest the most time and money into. So, why not use this to your advantage! Invest in your goal and spend enough money on it that will make you slightly uncomfortable. This could look like pre-paying for a holiday (after all of this chaos blows over), online personal training sessions or an online course. You will be much more likely to stay focused and achieve your goals if you have skin in the game.

5. Reward yourself along the way

Big rewards when reaching big results is great. But you don’t need to delay your gratification. Rewarding yourself for a job well done along the way will help you stay focused, on task and motivated. Decide on small rewards that you will treat yourself to at the end of every week. It may look like having a Netflix marathon, buying a new book, having a picnic, ordering in, having a bubble bath, enjoying a walk, buying new workout shoes or hiring someone to clean your house.

And that is a WRAP!

What changes are you going to make to your goals? What is your next ‘action step’? Please share this blog with your loved ones who need to hear this and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you vibed with this message.

Yours in great health,

 Dr. Andy & Dr. Jacinta

Andy and Jacinta