How To Stretch Your Upper Body With a Partner

Open Space Andy and Jacinta

Now you’ve tested our lower body partner stretches…

It’s time to stretch your upper body with a partner and 3 of our favourite upper body partner stretches.

Dr Andy & I will demonstrate some of these partner stretches for your upper body.

NOTE: Andy is a very flexible human so please respect your individual limit. I would suggest working with your stretching buddy with the aim of reaching no more than 75% of your maximum. Always check in with your partner to see how they’re going and please consult your primary health care practitioner before attempting these lower body stretches.

Ready to learn how to stretch your upper body with a partner?

Let’s do it!

3 Upper Body Partner Stretches

  1. TRICEP STRETCH: Get your partner to kneel down on a mat facing away from you. They should place one hand on the  back of their neck. Then you place one hand at the back of their elbow, and the other on top of their hand on their back…and then slightly pulling back their arm towards you so they feel a stretch in their tricep. Hold for 30 seconds. And repeat with the other arm.
  2. SHOULDER STRETCH: Get your partner to clasp their hands behind their back. With straight arms slowly lift your partners’s arms up until they feel the stretch.
  3. CHEST STRETCH: Use a fit ball. Get your partner to lay in the “table top” position on top of the fit ball and stretch their arms out to the side. Then push their arms gently downwards so they feel the stretch in their chest. Be sure to slowly release the arms out of the stretches.

And that is a WRAP! Keep up the dream team stretching with our upper AND lower body partner stretches. Now remember…by healing yourself, you inspire your tribe and transform your world. Yours in great health,

Dr Andy + Dr Jacinta x

Andy and Jacinta