How To Stretch Your Lower Body With a Partner

Open Space Andy and Jacinta

Tired of the same boring stretching routine?

Want to get the most out of the flexibility of your lower body?

I am going to show you how TEAM WORK stretching, makes the dream work. – with 4 of our favourite lower body partner stretches.

Dr Andy & I will demonstrate some of these partner stretches for your lower body. For the sake of this demonstration Andy will be the “Stretched” and I will be the “Stretcher”.

NOTE: Andy is a very flexible human so please respect your individual limit. I would suggest working with your stretching buddy with the aim of reaching no more than 75% of your maximum. Always check in with your partner to see how they’re going and please consult your primary health care practitioner before attempting these lower body stretches.

Ready to learn how to stretch your lower body with a partner? Let’s do it!

4 Lower Body Partner Stretches

  1. HAMSTRING STRETCH: Get your partner to lie down on a mat and bend one of their knees. The other leg stays straight and will be the one lifted up to stretch the hamstring. It’s important to place your hand above the knee to stabilise the joint. Your partner’s heel will rest on your shoulder and then you will very slowly (and continually checking with your partner) stretch their leg…holding for 30 seconds at the point where your partner can feel the stretch in their hamstring. And repeat with the other leg.
  2. GLUTE STRETCH: Place your partner’s heel on their opposite knee. Put the leg that’s on the floor, on your shoulder and by moving your body towards your partner’s until they feel the stretch in their glute muscle. At this point, stop and hold for 30 seconds – repeating on the opposite leg.
  3. CALF STRETCH: Bring your partner’s leg straight into the air and then push down on their toes to flex the heel to stretch down through the calf muscle.
  4. DOWNWARD DOG STRETCH: Your partner will get into the downward dog stretch position. Stand at their head with your feet positioned outside of their hands. Put your hands on their backside and gently push downwards, so their heels go down towards the floor. Start to move some of your upper body weight to push down into their hips.

And that is a WRAP! Stay tuned for the upper body partner stretches coming soon!

Now remember…by healing yourself, you inspire your tribe and transform your world.

Yours in great health,

Dr Andy + Dr Jacinta x

Andy and Jacinta