Quick Stretch to Instantly Relieve Your Headaches

Quick Stretch to Instantly Relieve Your Headaches

There is no doubt about it…Headaches absolutely SUCK! And with headache relief being one of THE MOST common reasons that people seek us out, it is no surprise that a headache can turn a good day on its head…haha!

Headaches be caused from a multitude of factors, so it is important to seek out advice from a health care professional if you are a sufferer. In practice we commonly find that headaches can originate from the neck due to stress and/or a laptop lifestyle posture…did anyone say ‘Netflix’ or ‘Working from Home Neck’!?

You see, over time…as you work at your desk or look at your mobile device your posture ends up going from super stellar to ‘Kosciusko’ from the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

There are lots of reasons why forward head posture is a problem … and a BIGGY is the impact it will have on the muscles, ligaments and joints in your neck. Over time, your neck will start to get very angry and let you know quite loudly in the form of pain, such as a headache. Often we find degeneration in the joint of the neck as well!

But don’t stress, WE have you covered!

All you need is a bed or lounge to get relief now …

Intrigued? Let’s get to it!

How to do the headache relief stretch:

  1. Lay down on your back on your bed or sofa.
  2. Slowly shuffle your body up until your head starts to extend over the edge and stay here for a few moments
  3. If and when you feel ready, move further back until your head is no longer supported by your bed or sofa. Let it hang over the edge freely, and if you are comfortable, you can stay here for a few minutes or until your headache subsides.

**Please note It is important to get the “All clear” from your primary health practitioner before using this technique. if you start to experience pain, dizziness or nausea please stop this exercise immediately.

Let us know how you went, share it with someone who needs this stretch now!

And remember…by healing yourself, you inspire your tribe and transform your world.

Big love,

Dr Andy and Dr Jacinta x

Andy and Jacinta