How to Overcome 5 Challenges in Creating and Maintaining a Meditation Practice

How to Overcome 5 Challenges in Creating and Maintaining a Meditation Practice

I don’t have time. Meditation is hard. I cannot clear my mind.
Does this sound like you?
Are you the type of person that has always wanted to have a consistent meditation practice, but has never truly mastered the habit? You are not alone!
Read on to understand …  How to Overcome 5 Challenges in Creating and Maintaining a Meditation Practice 

1. I don’t have the time.

Start with something manageable and achievable: 5 minutes a day one week, then 6 minutes a day next week and so on. Schedule it into your diary and put a reminder alert. Find a meditation buddy, check in with them on the daily so you are both accountable to each other. Build up a daily routine so that it is there for you in times of stress and times of peace. If you think it is “selfish” to have time to yourself, see it as time you are investing to make you a better, happier, more peaceful person for your family, friends and loved ones (as well as for yourself!)

2. I have waaaay too many thoughts.

This is very common when you begin your mediation practice and can happen along the way (depending on how much stress you are experiencing). Be kind and gentle on yourself. It’s normal to have thoughts and your not doing it wrong. Learn to be ok with them and let them go as though they are waves at the beach. Every thought, like a wave, has a beginning and an end and is temporary. Allow them to come and go.

3. I get bored or distracted easily.

Do you ever have that thought when you meditate:” When is this going to be over….are we there yet, there are sooo many other things I could be doing blah blah…”
When we meditate, it can feel like the volume on our thoughts is turned up to 1000%!! The bored/distracted thoughts are probably there all the time and when you sit to meditate, they are in your face big time. You have to give your mind a chance to get used to being still, doing nothing and letting go. It will pop up with boredom or distracted thoughts because that is what it is used to doing. It doesn’t know any different. We need to give it a chance to stop and enjoy the space and the time to rest (rather than jumping round endlessly). Space and rest is actually what we crave, we just don’t always recognize or embrace it when it arrives.

4. I can’t sit still for very long.

It’s not a big deal if you have to move around, scratch your nose or change position. Its often better to do this, rather than suffer through trying not to move. If meditation is a living nightmare, we will not want to keep doing it.
However, if you are finding you are moving around a lot, challenge yourself to go for a certain period of time being still, without effort or trying too hard. Often setting yourself up in a comfortable position from the beginning will help you.

5. I can’t get comfortable in my body.

 If you can’t sit cross-legged, don’t sweat it! Sit on a chair or the couch. Make sure your posture is supported with a pillow so you are not slouching. You ideally want to maintain the natural curves of the spine. You can check out some alternatives to sitting crossed-legged with this handy guide.

Yours in great health,

Dr Andy + Dr Jacinta x

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Andy and Jacinta