What is a chiropractor, and why should you see one? Naturally, your inquisitive mind has plenty of questions about chiropractors and chiropractic treatment, including its benefits and what it entails. If you want to learn more about chiropractic care, you're in the right place!

This blog focuses on all things chiropractic. If you have nagging neck or back pain, migraines, joint problems, and more, we have informative posts with advice and recommendations for you.

But you don't have to be in pain now to benefit from our articles. By 2030, more than five million Australians are projected to develop arthritis – and you could be among them. The good news is that you could prevent it or at least be armed with the right information from its onset.

The Top 6 Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic Care

August 31, 2021 By Open Space Healing Team In Holistic Health
One reason why people enjoy regular chiropractic visits is because of proper body function.
If you think you should only visit a chiropractor when you’re suffering from severe back pain, you’re not alone. Most people believe that setting an appointment with a chiropractor is only for pain relief. But there is so much more to chiropractic care than you may initially think....

Pregnancy Exercises for Optimal Foetal Positioning

June 22, 2021 By Open Space Healing Team In Exercises
Pregnant woman sitting on yoga mat after exercise.
Yay! You’re pregnant (or maybe you know someone who is)?! This is such an exciting time for many couples and many of our clients start seeing us when they fall pregnant because they want to optimize their health and create a positive birth experience. The problem that we find with many pregnant wo...

What You Need to Do to Improve Your Driving Posture

April 28, 2021 By Open Space Healing Team In Protecting Your Back
Woman driving
Driving can be stressful. Road rage, traffic + the traffic light that just won’t change can be enough to send you over the edge. But, did you know that driving is one of the biggest causes of LBP, neck discomfort, and postural dysfunction that we see in practice? I am Dr Jacinta Di Prinzio from [&...

5 Tips for Starting a Plant-Based Diet

February 15, 2021 By Open Space Healing Team In Holistic Health
5 Tips for Starting a Plant-Based Diet
So, you have heard that you should eat more plant-based? However, what does that even mean and where to start? Firstly, why plant-based? Good question! And I could write for days on this topic. The main point is that our body is designed to mainly thrive on plants. Yes, we are omnivores, and we can...

Tips to Drink Less Coffee

January 18, 2021 By Open Space Healing Team In Detoxify
Tips to Drink Less Coffee
You’ve heard that drinking too much coffee may not be so good for you… or your brain health, but is it really? You CAN’T even imagine starting your day without your daily dose! So we’re sharing why you may want to reduce you caffeine intake and our favourite easy tips to hel...